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Our Collection Smart Contract Live
Our MPG Coin Smart Contract Live


Metaverse Penguins to join the exclusive discord club!

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Metaverse Penguins

RELEASED 05/6/2022!




What is the difference of Our MPV Collection from other collections or metaverse projects?2022-06-17T20:24:47+00:00

Strong, community-driven collectibles project with one-of-a-kind built-in innovations such as hold-score based DAO, dynamic staking, hold-score based dividend system, and Metaverse Penguin Coin(MPG) based deflational hold-score sale system which makes the Metaverse Penguin Coin a DAO token! These cheerful penguins will give you an increasing share of secondary sales based on your penguin count and your hold score for every minute you don’t abandon them. Check out our groundbreaking smart contract and join our community. Let’s bring arctic air and competition to the metaverse!

What blockchain is this hosted on?2022-06-07T16:33:50+00:00

Metaverse Penguin lives on the Polygon blockchain.

How do I enter the whitelist?2022-06-07T16:34:13+00:00

We value people who genuinely engage with our project and help it grow. Becoming one of these people could grant you a whitelist spot to mint our project. The first step is joining our Discord and finding the whitelist requirements channel.

Where can I buy a Metaverse Penguins NFT?2022-06-17T20:23:35+00:00

MP NFTs will be available to mint at some point in the 05/06/2022.We will post details ahead of time on our Discord and Twitter.  After the mint is over, you will be able to trade MP NFTs on Opensea Marketplace.

Are there benefits to hold multiple Metaverse Penguins NFTs?2022-06-17T20:23:43+00:00

Holding MPG NFTs will give you extra benefits. You will be eligible to join the MP social club. If you have an extra 2 MP NFT, you will definitely qualify to be whitelisted in our new project.

How do I get private PenguClub Access?2022-06-07T16:34:25+00:00
Once you have an MP NFT you will be able to join our dedicated community chat groups and announcement channels. More details will be published on Discord information channels. You will also have access to sales statistics.








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